Web Page or Landing Page: Which will earn more money?


So you’ve got a business, or an idea, or a product, and you’re desperate to promote it to people and rake in the rewards. And you’re thinking… Web Page or Landing Page?

You can see the scenario in your head. Nice profits, nice outcome. You’ve just got to get there.

You maybe don’t have much budget. So you’re trying to do everything yourself, for as little as money as possible. 

But you still want to look professional, you want to impress people. That way they’ll buy from you, they’ll trust you.

So you build a website. Or do you? There are a few recommended DIY website builders but then, you can get landing page software that provides sales “funnels” and allegedly a faster route to making money.

Which is the best option? Which is going to cost you less but get the best results? HELP!!!!!

Hey, I’ve been there, I’ve been through the utter confusion and migraine-inducing complexity of options.

Which is why I try to keep things simple for people who follow my advice blogs.

Don’t worry, I intend to lower your blood pressure and put your mind at ease in the next five minutes or so.

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Where to direct your traffic

Whatever you are doing, promoting, selling, manufacturing, designing, creating, sharing… you need an audience. That much is certain.

Let’s just break your options down very simply and then I’ll go into more detail.

Some businesses rely only on social media to promote themselves. Social media is a powerful tool. Pretty much everyone in the world uses a form of it to communicate with others.

For businesses, I’d say social media is something you MUST use – but mainly to direct people to your main point of sale, somewhere you can explain in more detail exactly what you’re about.

So you’ve got two main options – a website or landing page software.

This second option is often referred to as a “funnel” but in fact, every time you take a potential customer on a journey from attracting their attention to completing a sale, you are taking them through some kind of process which is, in effect, a funnel, so don’t get confused about that term.

Think about a physical funnel – wide at the top, narrow at the bottom.

Wide at the top for all the people you are attracting, narrow at the bottom for the ones who finally buy from you after you have convinced them to do so.

So what’s the difference between a web page and landing page?

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Web page

A web page is part of a larger website, which is your online shop window. The home page can be used to send your main message but there will no doubt be links to other pages on the site as well.

You can tell people all about yourself, you can display images relating to goods or services you are selling.

You can blog, much as I am doing now, to prove that you are an expert in your field. That builds up trust with the people reading your website.

You can integrate all kinds of things, from contact forms, to social media feeds, comments and forums, to videos – and you can make it all look super cool as well.

Also, you can get a custom web address (domain name) to match your branding.

And you can work on the SEO (search engine optimisation) to get ranked highly on Google, so people will find you that way as well.

You can direct people there and it’s like saying ‘hey, here’s my showroom, have a look around’.

Landing Page

Landing page software allows you to be far more focused on making sales. A landing page doesn’t have the distractions of a home page, it sticks to the core message or mission.

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Typically you might need four or five hidden pages which take people through the process from being made aware of what you are offering to buying the product or service, or signing up for a subscription – whatever it is your efforts are focused on.

This is not initially for multiple items – although crucially you will get the chance to upsell as you convince customers to add extra products or services as time goes by.

This won’t look quite as flashy, probably. It’s not a showroom for your business. But you can still get a custom web address and integrate images, videos and forms.

You can direct people here and it’s like saying ‘hey, have you got a problem? I can solve it for you, come down this route with me…’

And landing pages are great tools to collect email addresses, usually in return for a free download – your expert guide to something in your specialist field.

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The time and money trade-off

You might already have a feel for what may work best for you, but we need to speak about the crucial factors in making your decision – TIME and MONEY.

As with many things in life, there is often a trade-off, and only you can determine which way is going to suit you best. But I can help you decide.

A website takes more time to get up and running, build into something that can work for you, and takes more time to maintain.

A website may also cost you less money over time in terms of monthly fees, but if a landing page is going to bring in more money in sales, you won’t care about that.

ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Instapage, Wix, Weebly, marketing, sales, funnel

Try before you buy!

So what next? The best thing you can do is try these things out for yourself. Free trials are pure gold in business – you will get to actually find out for yourself how easy or difficult – and how effective – each platform could be for you.

You don’t want to make the wrong decision. I’ve kept with what I opted for originally on some projects but on others I’ve changed my mind – and the switch-over and extra learning process can be extremely time consuming and frustrating – so try to get this right first time.

Through my experience and knowledge of what’s best out there, I have narrowed it down to:

The Best Landing Page Packages To Boost Sales


The Best DIY Website Builders To Boost Sales

Please have a read through and I’m sure this will help you make an informed decision.

Or just take a direct route to more information in the links below.

But I highly recommend taking a free trial where they are available.

I hope this has helped you – try out the options now and good luck with your endeavours!

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The Best Landing Page Packages To Boost Sales

The Best DIY Website Builders To Boost Sales

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