The 10m+ club – top brands crushing it on Pinterest


There are many brands – famous and otherwise – attracting millions of monthly viewers and followers on Pinterest, which in turn drives traffic to their sales pages.

Then there are some brands which are absolutely smashing it.

If you attract more than 10 million monthly views, Pinterest stops counting in terms of the figure it shows to the public (you’ll get to see the real figures yourself if you’re fortunate enough to be in this category).

Instead, Pinterest shows us that this Pinterest account has “10m+ monthly unique viewers”.

Here are a few of them…

Pinterest Marketing Nike

With a brand as globally-recognised as Nike, the SEO is not as difficult a task as for some businesses. Pin descriptions and board descriptions namecheck individual models of Nike shoes, such as the Air Max, and other gear – brand names that are well-known to the public and are being searched on a regular basis.

Even so, Nike has been putting effort into highly descriptive boards, with the use of keyword-rich hashtags. Nike has also started using video pins for some of its products.

Sports and other celebrities also play a vital part in Nike campaigns. Big names like Serena Williams will always be a popular search on Pinterest. Lately, Nike has been employing upcoming stars like Sasha Keable, who features on a number of pins wearing Nike gear.

See Nike on Pinterest here

Pinterest Marketing  Nike
No words needed: Singer-songwriter Sasha Keable modelling latest Nike gear, as used on Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing Adidas

As with Nike, Adidas has largely taken the approach that clear images with clearly branded products work best. Adidas is so well known, and its clients and range so famous, the pins don’t need any words.

However, the pins are the size and shape that works best, and they are described well for SEO purposes.

Adidas has been having a lot of success on Pinterest lately in showcasing football kits it manufactures for some of the top teams in the MLS League in the United States.

See Adidas on Pinterest here

Pinterest Marketing Adidas, New York
Pinterest users clicking on this pin of New York City FC kits are taken to the Adidas MLS sales page
Pinterest Marketing Starbucks

Starbucks has expertly harnessed the power of Pinterest where it comes to food and drink. People love sharing their favourite recipes, meals, beverages, snacks and places to eat out.

Starbucks has put a lot of focus on selling kits to people to allow them to make, at home, the same product they have enjoyed at their local Starbucks.

It’s the ‘Coffee At Home’ range and pins lead to the Starbucks online store. Starbucks has also started using video pins, which work well as people can see their favourite coffees being made.

See Starbucks on Pinterest here

Pinterest Marketing Starbucks
You’ve enjoyed it at Starbucks – now you can make it yourself. This pin will take you to the store.
Pinterest Marketing Baileys

You might think it quite an achievement for a niche drink to amass such a following on Pinterest, and you’d be right. Baileys has done this through well-designed, well-sized, attractive pins – some video pins as well – with keywords used overlaying the images.

There are boards for every occasion, and that’s something else that works well on Pinterest – people actively look for gift ideas ahead of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc, and inspiration ahead of each season.

See Baileys Irish Cream on Pinterest here

Pinterest Marketing Baileys
So many ways to attract people – Baileys, strawberries, cream, cheesecake and Valentine’s Day
Pinterest Marketing Walmart

Walmart serves 25 countries around the world, so the global reach and impact of Pinterest makes it a perfect platform for the retailer.

Boards range from home to fashion to DIY to weddings to holidays and more – a truly diverse selection making the most of what Walmart has to offer, and the most of what people are searching for on Pinterest.

Walmart’s profile page looks great with a video on loop – a feature which is gradually being rolled out by Pinterest to those with business accounts.

See Walmart on Pinterest here

Pinterest Marketing Walmart
People are looking for ‘Pinspiration’ – and Walmart knows how to provide it
Pinterest Marketing John Lewis

John Lewis is famed for its Christmas TV adverts, but it knows a thing or two about succeeding on Pinterest, too. Its boards cover a wide range of interests, events, fashions and hobbies, from Outdoor Living to Pancake Day, Children’s Room to Off To University, Man Cave Inspiration to Best of British.

John Lewis also understands that people start looking for ideas months ahead of events. The board ‘Summer 2020’ went live at the start of the year.

See John Lewis on Pinterest here

Pinterest Marketing John Lewis
Months ahead of its time – from the Summer 2020 board, pinned in the winter

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