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If you didn’t know it already, Pinterest is an extremely powerful marketing tool. It has the ability to drive thousands upon thousands of visitors to your website. And it can do this without costing you anything.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s fact. Pinterest now has 335 million users across the world and is often considered to be a social media platform, but is in fact a visual search engine.

Content stays around far longer than it does on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others.

And most of the people on Pinterest are there because they are searching for ideas, searching for solutions, and most of all searching for products to buy.

Pinterest is a marketing weapon. It’s also an extremely powerful platform to spread a message and build a campaign.

I’ve put together an Essential A-Z of Pinterest, which you can download below.

Here are some of the highlights:


Pinterest has become an essential business marketing tool because the platform is superb at DRIVING TONS OF TRAFFIC to your website – and Pinterest users are READY TO BUY – or READY TO TAKE ACTION on something.


87% of Pinterest users have bought something after finding it through Pinterest.

67% say they have discovered a new brand or product thanks to Pinterest.

Increased sales and web traffic has been recorded across ALL SECTORS of business, all across the world.

So Pinterest has become the PERFECT PLACE TO SHOWCASE a business, brand or product to an engaged, interested audience in whatever niche you operate in.

Because Pinterest is used to seek inspiration, to save ideas, and then to search for purchases, it allows businesses to engage with people at every stage of the customer journey.

BLOGGERS love Pinterest because it is excellent at driving traffic to their pages – which helps them MAKE MONEY through ads and affiliate offers.


One of the major attractions for businesses, brands and bloggers using Pinterest is the fact that CONTENT STAYS IN VIEW FOR AGES.

Certainly compared to other platforms.

Pins can actually stay prominent in searches and feeds for years, generating traffic over and over again to your offer, store, blog or website.

On average, a Pinterest post will stay fresh for about four months, before sliding out of view – but using Tailwind, you can easily resurrect these older pins. And creating evergreen content means your content will always be in demand.

The average lifespan of a tweet is a mere 18 minutes. A Facebook post has an average lifespan of 5 hours. An Instagram post will show prominently for 21 hours, and a LinkedIn post for 24 hours.

Snapchat content lasts just seconds, but Snapchat Stories have an average lifespan of 24 hours.

YouTube videos stay fresh in the feed for about 20 days.

But no platform compares to the lifespan offered on Pinterest. Which is good news for anyone putting out content on Pinterest.


It’s astounding to see how many major brands get so far into using Pinterest and then let their interest slip – thus missing out on tons of FREE MARKETING and FREE TRAFFIC, in turn driving sales and engagement.

The reason this happens? On analysing accounts that have fallen by the wayside, it seems that some just weren’t doing it right – the pins weren’t the right size, the SEO just wasn’t considered.

Others have pinned like crazy and then maybe found their efforts needed on an other project. Well, you don’t want to over-pin anyway, but a scheduler like Tailwind can make your life so much easier.

The message is – it’s worth putting the effort in! Pinterest can be a GOLDMINE for businesses, brands and organisations from ANY NICHE OR GENRE.

So stick with it! Or GET HELP to do so.


First businesses went after the Millennials, then they sought the interest and custom of Gen-Z – broadly speaking, the under 24s. And there are many, many of them engaging with Pinterest.

Currently, 70% of content on Pinterest is created by people aged between 18-34 – this includes a 37% chunk in the 18-24 range, more than any other age segment.

So it’s obviously important for businesses, brands and causes which are looking to reach and engage with Gen-Z, to use the power of Pinterest and its huge audience.

Gen-Z (as well as Millennials) are searching for inspiration on leading a more sustainable lifestyle. They want to make a difference and drive change. All power to them… Can you help them?

Hello, my name is Mark Campbell, helping you harness the promotional power of Pinterest, blogging and the media to achieve your goals. I've worked in the media and PR for 30 years, doing everything from interviewing celebrities to reporting on sport, the environment, music, entertainment, news and features. I've written thousands of articles, designed thousands of pages, and promoted across social media on many platforms. If you need help promoting a business, event, organisation or cause. my tips are especially useful if you have only a small marketing budget. There are some affiliate links in some of my blogs, which may earn me a small commission. A fair exchange, I'm sure you agree, as I only promote products and services I genuinely recommend. Enjoy the content and please use the valuable tips to make your own mark in life...
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