Build a website with Wix and get extra benefits


If you’re looking to build a website for your business, and take advantage of built-in tools, look no further than the feature-packed, extras-laden Wix.

There’s a whole host of reasons to opt for Wix, other than the drag-and-drop simplicity. And that’s what we are looking at here.

Built-in business tools – what makes Wix unbeatable

1. Wix Apps provide everything you need

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These apps are what WordPress and other platform users would regard as plugins, but the beauty of the Wix apps is their simplicity – you choose one, add it to the site and everything just works for you, all you have to do is customise it with your own details.

To date there are more than 300 apps, and more than 110 of these are free of charge. The vast majority of others are also free, but you might want to upgrade to the next level for a few pounds / dollars a month if you are going to use them a lot.

2. SEO made easy with simple guide

SEO – search optimization – is easy and effective through Wix.

I’ve seen the results – sites at the top of Google rankings – so the simple, step-by-step guide to correctly labelling each page, photo and element of your website obviously works well.

You don’t need to know coding, but if you do have some knowledge, Wix will help you further improve your SEO.

3. Easy to market your website and brand

Wix makes it easy to link with your Mailchimp account, or Facebook Pixel, or Google Analytics, or a whole host of other tools to help you keep track of your site stats, understand your audience and interact with them.

Many business tools are available through standard Wix packages, with a whole host more in the separate Wix Ascend subscriptions, which bring all marketing integrations together under one dashboard.

4. Accept payments on your site without fuss

You’ll be offered a range of methods to accept payments, according to which country you are in, and they work smoothly to help you look after the financial side of your operation.

5. There’s plenty of help if you need it

The Wix Help Center is a valuable and extensive resource. If you can’t find what you are looking for when you build a website, just open a ticket and send your query through the Wix website – they’ll get back to you within a day, usually.

6. There’s even more help on the Wix Blog

As well as lots of advice, news and updates to keep you abreast of latest developments, improvements and technological changes.

7. Design a logo for your business

You want to appear professional, but if you don’t have design skills yourself or can’t afford to pay a designer to brand your business, use the free Wix logo designer, it’s pretty impressive. Have a play with the logo maker here.

Try out Wix for free

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Build a website with Wix and get extra benefits

If you’re looking to build a website for your business, and take advantage of built-in tools, look no further than the feature-packed,...