Why blogging is vital to boost your business in 2020

    For people who have always put faith in traditional advertising, writing a blog can be seen as a big leap. Too big a leap for many. But blogging doesn’t have to be that way.

    Consider the blog for what it is – a brilliant marketing tool. Consistently over the past few years, it is the most popular tool among businesses to promote themselves (along with email newsletters).

    It’s how you build a relationship with your customers and potential clients. It’s how you position yourself as the expert in your field. It’s how you come across with authority so that people grow to trust you (and trust = sales).

    It’s also how to raise your profile and boost your search engine rankings. So every business really should be blogging, and sharing, and sharing, and blogging. And so on.

    Of course, a poorly written blog will not help you. One littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes won’t help you. One that isn’t shared in the most opportune manner across social media won’t help you. One that isn’t SEO optimised won’t help you.

    If you’re confident of taking it on yourself, or want to learn a little more, let’s dive in.

    Make money for your business through blogging

    1. You can’t argue with the stats

    These figures are taken from a variety of recent marketing and media surveys:

    – Businesses that blog report 67% more leads created than businesses that don’t.

    – You have a 430% higher chance of a first page ranking on search engines, like Google, if you feature blogs on your website. Google just loves fresh, regular, quality content.

    – 52% of respondents to a 2018 survey said blogging was their main content marketing tactic.

    2. People trust a blog

    The world is full of fake news, or so certain people would have us believe. It is true that incidents of exaggerated or fabricated news have been on the rise, especially on social media, and many people are sceptical about some things they read, especially online.

    Blogs are a trusted source of information. Those who regularly read blogs point to this fact time after time. You, as an expert, are trusted far more than the media to tell the truth and give useful, relevant information.

    So do it! Be the person and the company the people trust.

    3. It’s not all about short videos

    It’s true that video can have a huge impact, especially on social media, and that people will start to lose interest after 10-20 seconds. But blogs seem immune to this trend.

    In fact, longer blogs are now more popular than shorter ones. Repeated surveys point to the fact that people are more willing to invest some of their precious time to delve into a blog, if the subject matter really matters to them. So ‘long form’ blogs of more than 1000 words are appearing more and more.

    Make money for your business through blogging

    4. Position yourself and your brand as a leader

    Not everyone in your line of work is going to blog. You can be the one people turn to for advice, expert opinion or the latest developments in your industry. Your brand can be the one people keep coming back to.

    We don’t always see the value in ourselves, but look at yourself, look at other people in the company. How many years experience are there? How much knowledge has been amassed?

    Use it to help people, give them guidance. They’ll look up to you as a result, trust in you and your brand, and become loyal customers.

    5 Drive people to your website and boost your Google ranking

    Blogging is believed by many to be the single most effective way to boost visitor numbers to your website.

    Blogs also boost your ranking on search engines like Google. Which in turn will lead again to more website traffic.

    The reason blogs can boost the number of visitors to your website is that they are easily shared across social media. And if you’ve given your blog a title promising to help people solve a problem, or answer a query, you’re going to have a lot of interested people coming your way.The more people who share your blog and link to your website, the better your search engine ranking will be.

    Each blog can also be optimised for search engines through the use of keywords. And a regular supply of quality, original, useful content is what Google loves most these days in ranking businesses higher.

    So blogs have all the components needed to promote your business like no other method can.

    Make money for your business through blogging

    6 Blogging and social media go hand in hand

    You want to interact and strike up lasting relationships with your customers. Social media is an ideal platform to do that, but so is blogging.

    Add a comments box to the end of your blog – or set up a forum for the discussion to start there – and also allow people to share the blog on their own social media channels.

    7 You don’t need to advertise any more

    That’s going to save you some money! Work out your strategy but remember, blogging can function as advertising. And do very well for you.

    People will read your blog to find out more about your company. You don’t have to shout at them like an advert does, you can talk them round and convince them, with reason and explanations of how their lives would benefit as a result of using your products or services.

    And people just hate annoying pop-up banner ads on the internet these days. Blogging beats advertising hands-down.

    So how do I start a blog?

    If you’ve already got a business website, see if you can add a blog to it.

    If you need to start a new blog, or if you’re an entrepreneur looking to make a living from blogging (which is also more than possible), then take a look at my article:

    How To Make Money Blogging in 2020

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