Which website hosting service is best for YOU?


So you’ve decided you want a WordPress website. Maybe for a blog, or a store, to raise awareness of your business, whatever. Good choice. So what now? Website hosting.

If you’re new to WordPress, you need to get a WordPress site, and you’ll do that through a hosting package – you have to trust someone to give your digital baby a home and care for it.

But it’s not just beginners who ask the question: ‘Where should I host my website?’ People shop around and move around every day as better deals turn up, or perhaps guides like this turn heads to better performing hosts.

Without somewhere to host your website or blog, you won’t have one to show people. So you pay a company a fee – it doesn’t have to be much at all – to host the site on their servers.

On top of that, they’ll offer you extras, and that’s where the feature and price comparisons come in to play.

And that’s why I am here, to cut through the technical jargon and help make the decision simpler for you.

How do I decide which website hosting service to go with?

If you’re moving to WordPress from Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or another all-in-one package, you’ll be used to the site being automatically hosted by one of those companies. It was never a concern of yours.

If you’re starting new in the website game, choosing a hosting service can be a confusing and daunting decision to make.

So how do you determine which is the best host to go with? 

It has to be said, a host isn’t worth its place in the market if it does not offer you fast servers, excellent reliability, incredible support and competitive prices.

So I’ve made the decision process easier for you and selected five of my favourite hosting companies, all of which meet those criteria.

You can’t really go wrong with any of them, but there are subtle differences so I’ll highlight those to help you choose your package – then you can get on with taking your website into the big wide world.

What are the differences between website hosting deals?

There are important things to understand. You’re going to see companies trying to sell you Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting. You might understandably think that if you’ve got a WordPress site, you need WordPress hosting.

It ain’t necessarily so. Web Hosting is cheaper than WordPress Hosting but under both packages, you can have your WordPress website hosted and 90 per cent of the benefits will be the same.

What you’re paying for by going with WordPress Hosting is a little more convenience and in some cases extra dedication to speeding up and securing your website.

For most people, standard Website Hosting will suffice, but if you want peace of mind in knowing that all the websites being stored on your server are WordPress ones, which might make things a little faster and a little more secure, then look into it and choose a deal accordingly.

Aside from WordPress hosting, you’ll see other web hosting services available – Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Managed, and will no doubt wonder what the differences are, apart from the price. 

Let’s keep it simple. 

Shared WordPress hosting is the most popular type for small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and beginners, mainly because it is the most affordable type.

It is shared hosting because you share a server with a lot of other sites. This usually brings no problems and it only brings restrictions when your website starts pulling in major traffic. At which stage, you won’t mind paying a little bit extra for an upgrade.

That upgrade might be Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting, which gives you more control, or a Dedicated Server, which gives you full control over the server.

If you are just starting out or your website is not attracting enormous amounts of traffic, you don’t have to worry about these.

Some hosting providers now offer a Managed solution, in which all system upgrades, backups etc are managed for you. If you’re not very technically savvy or haven’t got time to maintain your WordPress website, you might want to look at this option, but keeping on top of updates and upgrades through your WordPress dashboard is certainly manageable for most.

And we’ll also be looking at a couple of dedicated cloud-based solutions, WP Engine and Kinsta, which use the latest, fastest technology, but this is reflected in the price of the packages.

You may have heard of free web hosting, which is available but shouldn’t be a serious option for a serious business. There are usually catches involved, such as putting banner ads on your site, and reliability won’t be as certain. In fact, the service could be withdrawn at any time. Best to avoid.

The best website hosting providers today

Here are five of the best web hosting providers, using easy-to-follow bullet points to help you make your decision.

If you’re looking to run a simple blog or website, you’ll be grateful for an easy WordPress instal, a good range of themes (the design or ‘skin’ for your blog or website), free SSL (makes your website more secure) and a free or cheap domain name.

If you’re looking to build something a little more ambitious, you might want more storage, even more than one website, managed options and easy migration if you’re updating from another host.

Take a look and check out the deals through the links provided, there is no obligation to buy so compare and weigh up the pros and cons for your own needs…


Key Points

  • Officially recommended by WordPress
  • WordPress, Shared, Managed, VPS and dedicated plans
  • Automatic one-click WordPress install and updates
  • Hundreds of free and premium themes available
  • Website builder included
  • Unmetered storage on most plans
  • Unlimited websites on most plans
  • Free Domain Name (first year)
  • Free SSL (https) Certificate 
  • 24/7 Support
  • Special intro offer
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy-to-use dashboard

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Key Points

  • Officially recommended by WordPress
  • WordPress, Web, WooCommerce and Cloud hosting plans
  • One-click WordPress install
  • Free email accounts
  • Website builder included
  • Unmetered storage on most plans
  • Unlimited websites on most plans
  • 24/7 Support
  • Special intro offer
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy-to-use dashboard

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Key Points

  • WordPress, Shared, Managed, VPS and dedicated plans
  • Our personal choice – BusinessBoost is hosted by Hostgator
  • Unmetered storage and bandwith on all plans
  • Unlimited websites on many plans
  • Claims of 2.5 x regular website loading speed
  • Automatic one-click WordPress install and updates
  • Hundreds of themes available
  • Gator Website builder available
  • Free Domain Name (first year)
  • Free SSL (https) Certificate 
  • Free website migration
  • Free email accounts
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Special intro offer
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy-to-use dashboard

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Key Points

  • Powered by and recommended by Google Cloud so different to traditional offerings
  • Every site housed in isolated container in a choice of 20 data centres around the world
  • Performance monitored 720 times daily
  • Claim of 2 x regular speeds
  • Serious business plan, reflected by higher costs
  • Free SSL (https) Certificate 
  • Unlimited free basic migrations
  • Expert Support
  • Easy-to-use dashboard

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WP Engine

Key Points

  • WordPress-dedicated platform
  • Partnered with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform 
  • Premium WordPress themes and Genesis framework included (worth more than $2,000)
  • Thousands of WordPress plugins
  • Company of WordPress experts give 24/7/365 support
  • Daily backups
  • Servers across the world
  • Claim of 27% faster load times
  • Auto migration
  • Manage traffic spikes, from 10,000 to 100 million users
  • For the serious business user, reflected in higher prices

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Not sure about building with WordPress and finding a website host? Have you considered all-in-one website builders that look after hosting themselves?

Check out Wix and Weebly

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